We specialise in results-driven support, monitoring and advocacy within the sphere of European Union decision-making

Accessible Advocacy

Knowing your business

We pride ourselves in understanding the business impact of regulation, legislation and political developments. We realise the core issues of European policy and how they affect the way you do business

Getting on the agenda

Our advocacy aims to put your issues on the European agenda with coherent and realistic policy analysis and recommendations. Results drive us forward and help us impact the success of the European Union

Speaking your language

We breakdown complicated political topics and development into the issues that really matter to your business and impact your bottom line. We provide monitoring of all key developments so you don't have to

In the spotlight: Cybersecurity

"We need to intensify global efforts to fight cybercrime that is shaking the confidence of online services" Catherine Ashton, 2012

Governments around the world are considering regulatory changes in an effort to reduce cybersecurity risk; in fact, more than 40 governments are working on cybersecurity plans, policies, and/or regulations. The European Union is no different and regulatory change is pending. Find out how this can impact you by reading our Cybersecurity Policy Spotlight